Mystery Classics

25 Mystery Classics

25 Mystery Classics

25 Mystery Classics
Best of the Best Collectors Edition – 25 Mystery Classics. I got it from Target on sale for $5!

It has 2 double sided DVDs — over 30 hours of movies!

There were some Sherlock Holmes movies (The Sign of the Four and The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes, Murder at the Baskervilles, The Woman in Green, Terror by Night, Dressed to Kill, A Study in Scarlet), some Tales of the Unexpected (The Sound Machine, Shatterproof, The Stinker, I’ll Be Seeing You), some Mr. and Mrs. North episodes, some Crime Stories (Highway Patrol, Boston Blackie, Public Defender), and some stand alone movies (Death Sentence, Dangerous Assignment, Mr. Wong Detective, Midnight Manhunt, Murder by Television and The Black Raven).

I just love the old mystery movies and TV shows! It has provided hours and hours of great old classic movie watching!

Amazon has some great combo DVDs of old mysteries too, including the one at Target but it’s not on sale for $5 (at Amazon it’s still the normal $5.98):

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  1. Oooh! Mysteries! I’ve got about 500 or so of them sitting on the floor in my living room; anything from Ngaio Marsh to Victoria Holt to Sax Rohmer. What some? πŸ˜‰

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