Karate Kid (2010)

Karate Kid (2010) was a thoroughly engrossing and great movie. It had all the the same elements as the original Karate Kid. Jackie Chan and Jayden Smith did a great job.

I found it exciting, engaging, heartwarming, and a great sequel to the original Karate Kid. I found it refreshing that they decided to use Kung Fu (one of my favorite TV Shows too), instead of Karate this time around, and who better to show that off as the teacher then Jackie Chan! He did a great job, and Pat Morita was a tough act to follow. He was wonderful in the Forbidden Kingdom as well, BTW.

I was highly impressed with Jayden’s first truly leading role, hats off to you Jayden. Great job. I am sure Dad, Will Smith, and the rest of your family are very proud of the job you did.

This is not Jayden Smith’s first movie though, he also played Jacob Benson in the new The Day The Earth Stood Still as well. Another movie where I enjoyed the remake as much as the original.

Considering that the original Karate Kid movie got high ratings, as it should (it is one of my favorites, btw), it was a tough act to follow, even though it was done back in 1984. Which is all the more reason that Karate Kid (2010) still stands tall as a great flick, to me. And the fact that I can say that many good things about this movie, gives Jayden’s performance even more of a thumbsup. And who better to take over the role of reluctant Kung Fu teacher than Jackie Chan, the drunken immortal from Forbidden Kingdom…and all of his other wonderful, action packed films. I make it a point never to miss any of Jackie Chan’s movies, or Jet Li’s for that matter.

I thought it was great to take this remake to China. The scenery was gorgeous and so fitting for such a movie.

I saw Karate Kid was out at Red Box, so I figured what could I lose, right? But to my surprise was thoroughly pleased with the choice and the movie. When I got it, I got it from Red Box on the movie name alone. I didn’t realize who was it it. Just wanted to see the remake for myself. Very glad I did!

Like they mentioned in the Editorial Review at Amazon, I too agree that this should be 8-12 or older, with parental guidance. But with that guidance, I think it would be an inspiration to most kids in that age group, or kids of any age. 😉